Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Dior Christmas Collection Lipstick - Mysterious Shock


The Dior Christmas Collection 2014 is a pretty beautiful one, and I've indulged in a few pieces, but I decided they all deserved their own posts - especially the lipsticks which are actually a two in one product. This review concentrates on Mysterious Shock, the deep berry shade in the right hand side of the photograph.

The lipstick is beautiful - although it's pricey at £29 as you can see you get two colours of lipstick, each side of the bullet is different. 

The first photo of me is me wearing the matte shade, which, although I love both sides, wins as my favourite. Although the colour is matte the formula isn't, it's creamy without being too creamy - I'm not scared it's going to move all over my face during the day but it's not drying in the slightest. 

The second photo of me is me wearing the other side of the lipstick, it's from the same colour family and is still a pretty highly pigmented berry shade but it's got that shimmer finish and it doesn't make the same impact as the bold matte colour does. It's still pretty bold though and I think anyone who likes bold lips like me will love this lipstick. The shimmer side does have more grit to it in terms of formula but it still feels comfortable on the lips and doesn't cause flaking the way some shimmer lip products can.

The sales assistant at Dior explained that these lipsticks are meant to be used in an ombre look, the bold colour all over with the lighter, complimenting colour in the middle to enhance the lips and make them look bigger, so you essentially get the three looks in one which makes this lipstick ideal if you're jetting off over the holiday season. 

They don't bleed and you don't require a lipliner as the squared off edge makes the lipstick super easy to control and can we all just take a moment to appreciate that packaging? They're pretty much Christmas decorations in themselves if you just happened to leave these lipsticks on your mantel.

Overall it comes down to whether you like these colours, there's no point spending nearly £30 on this lipstick if you're only going to use one side of it. However I think it's a beautiful choice for party season, and even if this colour doesn't appeal they do have more nude choices available. The formula of the two colours I've bought are equally good, so it doesn't seem to be a case of the formula differing between colours as can sometimes happen and generally... I think it's pretty much lipstick love for me!

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  1. Ah, love the luxe, retro feel of the packaging and the duo-toned shades are so smart! Both are very pretty on you :)